Value can be defined as (quality + experience) / price. Our goal at Labor Health Solutions is to help enhance the quality of your benefit program and the experience of your plan participants, all while lowering price. In short, we help you maximize the value of your plan.

Labor Health Solutions members contract with OptumRx, a market-leader in the PBM industry and a strong partner with labor funds across the country.

As a client of Optum Rx, fund managers and participants will benefit from:

  • Transparent contracting and business practices that benefit both the fund and its participants 
  • Consistent and helpful account management professionals
  • Available and caring customer service representatives
  • Innovative and trend reducing service offerings, including BriovaRx® specialty pharmacy which provides high-touch comprehensive support for patients with complex and chronic conditions
  • Flexibility in retail networks, including allowing plans to exclude specific chains
  • Multiple formulary options that allow plans to balance cost with access to certain medications
  • Retiree Drug Subsidy (RDS) support and Employer Group Waiver Plan (EGWP) options

Labor Health Solutions and OptumRx provide a unique offering in the market that allows your fund to maximize the value of its benefit plan. Take the first step and contact LHS today.